Enterprise-Grade Security & Reliability

Every facet of the TensorDock cloud is built with the highest standards of security and reliability in mind for the modern enterprise.

Virtual isolation incorporated everywhere.

Multiple layers of access control and isolation defenses at every level of our platform prevent any malicious activity from ever affecting your workloads.


KVM Isolation

Every virtual machine is fully isolated from every other virtual machine on the hostnode, preventing any interference.


Hostnode Monitoring

An agent running onboard on every physical server monitors and reports any logins, suspicious activity, and resource hogging.


Controlled Supplier Access

Our suppliers' access to hostnodes is revoked as soon our we receive access, preventing any malicious activity.


Fine-grained Access Control

Our IAM system allows you to control who from your organization can access what, and when, on our dashboard and API.

Additional Virtual Security Measures

Because bulletproof security is our top priority.

Trustworthiness is the last and most important layer of defense to protect customers' data and applications. And we take multiple steps to ensure that.

Background-checked employees

We vet all our team members during the hiring process. Once hired, only a few have access to hostnodes and only when necessary.

3D Secure

We attempt 3D Secure authentication on every transaction to guarantee that the cardholder is the one making the purchase, preventing any unauthorized use of our platform.


We conduct KYC checks for those paying via other means like cryptocurrencies. Access to our platform is intentionally restricted to prevent abuse of our services.

TLS Dashboard & API Encryption

Our dashboard and API adhere by best security practices for encryption and authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping.

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...and yes, we mean literally bulletproof

TensorDock aggregates GPUs from dozens of suppliers, ranging from mining farms to tier 3/4 data centers with SOC 1/2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more certifications.

Our tier 2+ partner data centers often have availability SLAs of up to 100% for power and network to ensure that your workloads are always available.

Access data centers with best-in-class security practices: reinforced walls, armed security guards, CCTV camera surveillance, biometric access control, and more.

Just look for the "Data Center" badge on the deploy page.

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"Sometimes, customers ask for even more security and control. In these cases, we offer our own bare-metal clusters complete with dedicated routers for the most stringent firewalls."

Jonathan Wu, Security Engineer

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