80% Cheaper GPUs

From $0.05/hr. No contracts, no commitments.

We make the GPU servers that cost too much on other clouds available for a low, hourly price.

Start with $5 and launch a server in 30 seconds.

Industry's widest range of GPUs

From NVIDIA T4s to H100s, we have the GPUs that suit your needs

Secure & Reliable

We partner with leading suppliers with proven uptime and security measures

Infinitely Scalable

65,000+ GPUs available through us and our hosts

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Performant GPUs, priced affordably.
Massively scalable

The industry's greatest hardware available at prices 80% less than big clouds. And, you can save even more when you lock in a long-term contract.



Uncompromising performance for image and video processing, gaming, and rendering.

Deploy a RTX 4090


Accelerated machine learning LLM inference with 80GB of GPU memory.

Deploy an A100 80GB
From $0.05/hour

More: L40, A6000, etc.

24 GPU models available, choose the one that best suits your workload.

Customize a server

AMD EPYC Milan CPU-only Server

1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 20GB NVMe SSD server for just $0.012/hour.

Scale to a terabyte of RAM. Multihomed premium tier 3/4 data centers.

The cloud for AI. And everything else.

All products come with bandwidth included and are usually between 70 to 90% cheaper than competing products on the market. They're developed in-house by our 100% US-based team.

Flagship Product

GPU Cloud

For AI workloads that require shell access.

The industry's widest range of NVIDIA GPUs, available from $0.05/hr. Available in dozens of data centers and mining farms worldwide.

Deploy a GPU

Container Platform

Hassle-free GPU container hosting for AI inference.

Autoscaling and load balancing built in. Specify your AI containers, and we'll handle the rest: replicas, failovers, security groups, and more.

Deploy a Container

CPU Cloud

For transcoding and batch processing workloads.

The industry's latest Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC CPUs, available from $0.012/hr in secure, multihomed data centers deployable through an API.

Deploy a CPU VM

Chat with Sales

Response within 24 hours

Need help deciding, or need something custom? From hundreds of edge GPU nodes to multi-H100 InfiniBand clusters, we've got the compute you need and the expertise you can depend on.

Schedule a video chat Send us an email or message

Engineered for excellence.
Priced for scale.

The customer-centered GPU cloud.

VMs in 10 seconds, not 10 minutes.

Multithreaded & optimized end-to-end for uncompromising VM deployment speed.

For developers, by developers.

An API you can depend on. Well-documented, well-maintained, well-everything.

(Almost) infinite scalability

Up to 65,000 GPUs available through us and our close partners. The last cloud you'll ever need.

Secure & reliable

Tier 3/4 data centers, 99.99% uptime, and enterprise-grade hardware available for those who need it. Read more. Mining farms servers for those who don't.

Bandwidth included

Eliminate your #1 cost at other clouds. No more billing nightmares.


The world's most use us.

airgpu uses TensorDock's API to deploy Windows virtual machines for cloud gamers. TensorDock's abundant GPU stock enables airgpu to scale during weekend peaks without worrying about compute availability.

airgpu is a popular, renowned cloud gaming service known by gamers worldwide

ELBO uses TensorDock's reliable and secure GPU cloud to create generate art. TensorDock's highly-performant servers run their workloads faster on the same GPU types than the big clouds.

ELBO.ai creates managed AI services like art generators and logging and has been featured in The Spectator.

Researcher Skyler Liang from Florida State University uses TensorDock's A40s and A6000s to work with GAN networks. TensorDock's low pricing enables FSU researchers to do more with their limited university compute budgets.

Florida State University researchers receive reimbursements from using TensorDock servers.

Creavite uses TensorDock's Windows GPU servers with Adobe software to render logo animations as well as CPU-only servers. The presence of both types of servers enables Creavite to tightly integrate their workflows.

At TensorDock, we are democratizing access
to high-end cloud infrastructure.

We connect customers to the best available compute, whether it's secure, cutting-edge hardware colocated at tier 3/4 data centers or converted mining rigs hosted by mining farms.

Our marketplace approach ensures that you always have access to the best prices on the most powerful hardware while maintaining the flexibility to scale.

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Frequenty Asked Questions


My enterprise needs ...

Let's chat! We're happy to set up custom solutions for larger customers. Learn more.


Why does the same GPU have multiple prices?

We are a marketplace: independent hosts compete against each other. This ensures that you, the customer, always have access to the market's best servers.

This also ensures that we always have stock, albeit at staggered prices.


What virtualization? Docker containers?

We provide full KVM virtualization with root access and dedicated GPUs. Docker is included on all templates.


How is billing done?

We operate on a pre-paid model: you deposit money and then provision a server. Once your balance nears $0, the server is automatically deleted.

For long-term servers, we offer a monthly subscription servers, and you can also discuss custom options by contacting us.

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