Server Subscriptions:
Rent On Monthly Or Longer Terms And Save

Affordable. Prices start at less than $200/month. Up to 50% less than our Core Cloud.

More locations. Available in the locations where we can't handle Core Cloud demand surges.

Servers available in under 24 hours

GeForce GPUs Available

Unique server configurations optimized for cost efficiency.

Secure & Reliable

Hosted in top locations with proven uptime

More locations

From Delhi to Singapore to Frankfurt, more locations than Core Cloud

Industry-leading pricing.

Ordering a subscription server saves you up to 60% compared to our standard Core Cloud offerings.

You can also deploy a Core Cloud server and request for it to be converted into a Subscription Server. You'd save 15% when paying quarterly on an annual contract, 25% paying yearly on an annual contract, or 40% for two years.

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NVIDIA GeForce 1070

1070 GPUs are exceptionally cost-effective at the expense of features like error correction.

$100/month: Boston $150/month: Singapore


With a 70-watt power consumption, this GPU is available in a variety of cities.

$150/month: London $150/month: Belgium $220/month: New Delhi
$100/month - $1250/month

More: A100, A40, etc.

10 GPU models available — choose the one that is just right for your workload.

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Easy-to-use, Intuitive Dashboard

See your servers from the familiar TensorDock Console.

View server networking details, rename, and request a cancellation at the end of the term through our the custom dashboard that we've built fully in-house.

Easily track billing with Stripe's billing portal

See all of your recurring costs in one place — and cancel any time.


Jupyter Notebook made easy

Deploy our machine learning image and get Jupyter Notebook/Lab out of the box.

Reliable, Enterprise-Ready Servers

  • Local SSD storage
  • 1 Gbps - 10 Gbps ports available
  • NVIDIA GeForce or NVIDIA Enterprise GPUs
  • AMD Ryzen, AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Top tier 3-4 data centers with redundant power, redundant cooling, onsite staff, and proven uptime for all NVIDIA enterprise GPUs


A GPU cloud that is
built for companies like yours.

Once you switch, you'll never look back.

Industry-leading pricing

GeForce GTX servers from $100/month — that's an effective $0.14/hour!

Available in 24 hours

These are not new servers; they are already-provisioned, ready to allocate for customers like you.

11 Locations

Subscription servers available in 11 global locations, in partnership with a variety of local providers.

Free transfer / bandwidth

Eliminate your #1 cost at other clouds. Just contact us if you anticipate needing 100TB+ of monthly traffic.

Learn more about the TensorDock difference

The world's use us.

ELBO uses TensorDock's reliable and secure subscription servers to create generate art. TensorDock's highly-performant servers run their workloads faster on the same GPU types than the big clouds.

ELBO.ai creates managed AI services like art generators and logging and has been featured in The Spectator.

Researcher Skyler Liang from Florida State University uses TensorDock's A40s and A6000s to work with GAN networks. TensorDock's low pricing enables FSU researchers to do more with their limited university compute budgets.

Florida State University researchers receive reimbursements from using TensorDock servers.

Creavite uses TensorDock's subscription Windows GPU servers with Adobe software to render logo animations. With both CPU and GPU-only subscription servers, Creavite can tightly integrate their workflows.


We democratize access to expensive HPC hardware.

Our goal is enable you — whether you are a sole developer, funded startup, or enterprise — to compute groundbreaking innovations easier at industry-leading prices. Learn about our story.

We're a team of ex-engineers of cloud platforms, here to create the platform that we couldn't before. We're always receptive to feedback, just contact us!

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Frequenty Asked Questions


Where are your data centers?

You can deploy instant servers located in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and order long-term servers from 11 data centers. Learn more.


I want a free trial!

You can spin up a server on our Core Cloud platform instantly and test out our compute quality. Subscription servers are essentially the same hardware, just at more locations.


How can I cancel?

You can cancel via our online portal up to 7 days before the end of your subscription. If you do not cancel by this time, your subscription will automatically renew.


How is subscription order billing done?

We charge from your saved credit card on the renewal date automatically. You can cancel at any time.

Get started

Order a subscription from $100/month.

Go ahead — go build the future of tomorrow — on TensorDock. Cloud-based machine learning and rendering has never been easier and cheaper.

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