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Pay only for the resources that you are allocated. Don't need many vCPUs? You save. Don't need a lot of RAM? You save.
All at super duper low prices.

Among the most affordable prices in the industry.
Fully customize your compute resources.

Simply select the GPU, RAM, CPU, disk, add together the prices, and that's it! Simple.

Save 25% with a 1 year contract and 40% for a 2 year contract. Contact us.

GPUs Price Per Hour, Billed Per-Minute
NVIDIA A100 PCIE $2.270
NVIDIA A100 SXM $2.270
NVIDIA A40 $1.410
NVIDIA A6000 $1.410
NVIDIA V100 SXM $0.880
NVIDIA A5000 $0.850
NVIDIA A4000 $0.680
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 $0.630
NVIDIA V100 PCIE $0.520
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 $0.270
Resources Minimum Price Per Hour, Billed Per-Minute
Fair-Share Bandwidth Included Included
Each vCPU (1 thread, 1/2 physical core) 2 vCPUs ($0.020/hour) $0.010
Each GB of DDR4 RAM 4 GB ($0.020/hour) $0.005
Each 10 GB of networked NVMe SSD 20 GB ($0.002/hour) $0.001
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Compare with other hourly GPU cloud platforms —
TensorDock is consistently the most affordable:

Platform vCPUs RAM GPU Count GPU Type Competitor Price Our Price Savings
AWS 8 61 1x V100 $3.06/hr $0.91/hr 70%
Azure 6 112 1x V100 $3.06/hr $1.14/hr 62%
Oracle 6 90 1x V100 $2.95/hr $1.09/hr 63%
Paperspace 16 30 1x V100 $2.30/hr $0.83/hr 64%
LeaderGPU 8 64 1x A6000 €0.06/min ~€0.03/min 50%
Lambda 14 100 1x A6000 $2.25/hr $2.05/hr 8%

Note: Please conduct your own comparisons for your own use case. For V100 comparisons, competing providers may be using V100 SXM cards, whereas our prices are with V100 PCIE cards, potentially leading to slight performance differences, especially in multi-GPU configurations, which are not compared here. In addition, the data may be inaccurate, as competing services may have adjusted their pricing since this table was made. Features like network speed, bandwidth pricing, and storage costs were not factored into this comparison table.

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At no extra cost, when you spend more than $10,000/month on TensorDock:

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Frequently asked billing questions.

Contact us to ask something else!

How does billing work?

We operate on a prepaid model: you deposit money and then provision compute. You must manually add more funds, we do not automatically charge your card.

Can we do net 30/60/90 terms?

No. To keep our prices low, we cannot afford to risk companies defaulting or more often, scammers defrauding us. We cannot afford to provide services where there is a risk that we could not be paid. If you do not want to have a large balance with us, you can make small but frequent deposits.

What's with 3D Secure (3DS)?

We accept credit cards via Stripe. We will attempt to do a 3D Secure check on all payments. Credit cards that do not support 3DS are automatically assigned a higher fraud score and are at a higher risk of being placed in a "fraud check" mode.

Money-back guarantee?

Sorry, no. Instead, start off with $5 and scale from there. If you are displeased, we can close your account and refund the $5, nothing more.

I'm a bad customer and want to chargeback.

Never chargeback. This leads to a lose-lose situation. You get a permanent ban from us, so you lose access to cutting-edge GPUs at low prices. Your identity will also be shared with FraudRecord, so other hosting services will start blocking you. So, don't chargeback or dispute a charge from us, ever.

What is "fraud check" mode?

We utilize multiple fraud checks. If you are automatically flagged and lose your ability to provision servers, do not panic. Contact us (we will not contact you unless we are deleting already-provisioned compute), and we can work things out.

"These prices are some of the best that I've seen! And the scalability... perfect"

Creavite is a freemium animated graphics creator that uses TensorDock's Windows GPU servers with Adobe software for their rendering needs. Note: Creavite received discounts for placing a "partners" link on their website linking to us.


"The server is really fast, you never have to worry about noisy neighbors. Wow!"

Ultramarine Linux is an open-source Fedora-based Linux distribution that uses TensorDock's Linux servers to process hundreds of gigabytes of data. Note: because it is open-source, we sponsor Ultramarine Linux compute servers.