Cloud CPUs, 80% cheaper.

TensorDock's massive CPU cloud accelerates scientific computing, transcoding,
and HPC workloads at uncompromising economics and scale.

Deploy a CPU-Only Virtual Machine
Over 4,000 CPU cores & 20TB RAM available

CPUs, HPC, Transcoding, Snacks.

Old hardware and price gouging has been the sad reality for too long. TensorDock's CPU cloud eats the competition's dinner in every possible metric — even on a 'byte-sized' budget.


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The latest Xeon and EPYC CPUs
Available at terabyte scale

Colocated in secure tier datacenters across 3 continents
with low-latency multihomed 1-10 Gbps connectivity.

The most performant CPUs.

With 24 CPU types available, you can choose the best CPU model for your workload. Don't pay for computing power you don't need.

  Transcoding? AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO
  Scientific HPC? AMD EPYC 7543
  Security Research? Xeon Gold 6238R

We have CPUs optimized for every use case:

SHA Computing


HPC Workloads

Confidential Computing

Scientific Research

Realtime Data Analytics

API. With 10+ Endpoints.

Built from scratch: metadata/restrictions, stock, deploy, start, stop, delete, list, get, plans — everything you need! And we're still building more!

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On-Demand CPU Cloud Pricing

The most affordable prices in the industry, period.
Fully customize your compute resources.

Simply select the RAM, CPU, disk, add the prices, and that's it! Simple.

Save by prepaying for 12, 24, or 36 months. Contact sales for more details.

Resources Minimum Price Per Hour, Billed Per-Second
1 Gbps Fair-Share Included Included
Each vCPU (1 thread, 1/2 physical core) 2 vCPUs ($0.006/hour) $0.003
Each GB of DDR4 RAM 4 GB ($0.002/hour) $0.002
Each GB of block NVMe SSD storage 20 GB ($0.0010/hour) $0.00005
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Compare with other hourly CPU cloud platforms —
TensorDock is consistently the most affordable:

Platform CPU Model vCPUs RAM Competitor Our Price Savings
AWS EPYC Milan 48 96 $1.836/hr $0.336/hr 82%
Azure EPYC Milan 48 96 $2.030/hr $0.362/hr 82%
GCP EPYC Milan 32 128 $1.4527/hr $0.352/hr 76%
Oracle EPYC Milan 48 128 $0.792/hr $0.362/hr 46%
DigitalOcean Xeon CL 96 48 $1.9494/hr $0.366/hr 81%
Vultr EPYC Milan 32 64 $0.952/hr $0.249/hr 74%

Note: Please conduct your own comparisons for your own use case with your own preferred CPU type. This pricing comparison is just one example of many of how TensorDock completely obliterates others when it comes to pricing.

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Easy-to-use, Intuitive Dashboard

See your servers from the familiar TensorDock dashboard.

Deploy, start, stop, and delete servers with a single click. Manage IAM users and permissions, create API keys, and more — on the performance-optimized dashboard that we've built fully in-house.

Reliable, Enterprise-Grade Servers

Built to last, with the highest quality components.

Our servers are co-located in data centers with redundant power, cooling. Just look for the "Data Center" badge when deploying a server.


HPC applications made easy

Slurm, FFmpeg, SAP HANA, Redis — run it all on our CPU cloud.

Root access to your virtual machine allows you to install and customize any software application you desire.

An HPC cloud that is
built for companies like yours.

Once you switch, you'll never look back.

Industry-leading pricing

We're the market's most affordable cloud providing massive CPU instances. If you find a better deal, we'll match it.

Instantly Scale

Deploy VMs in seconds. Scale up and down as needed.

Free transfer / bandwidth

Eliminate your #1 cost at other clouds. Just contact us if you anticipate needing 100TB+ of monthly traffic.

50+ Locations

We source GPU servers from dozens of suppliers from around the world, allowing you to serve low-latency apps to your customers.

Secure & Reliable

We partner with leading suppliers with proven uptime and security measures

Learn more about our security & reliability

The world's most use us.

airgpu uses TensorDock's API to deploy Windows virtual machines for cloud gamers. TensorDock's abundant GPU stock enables airgpu to scale during weekend peaks without worrying about compute availability.

airgpu is a popular, renowned cloud gaming service known by gamers worldwide

ELBO uses TensorDock's reliable and secure GPU cloud to create generate art. TensorDock's highly-performant servers run their workloads faster on the same GPU types than the big clouds. creates managed AI services like art generators and logging and has been featured in The Spectator.

Researcher Skyler Liang from Florida State University uses TensorDock's A40s and A6000s to work with GAN networks. TensorDock's low pricing enables FSU researchers to do more with their limited university compute budgets.

Florida State University researchers receive reimbursements from using TensorDock servers.

Creavite uses TensorDock's Windows GPU servers with Adobe software to render logo animations as well as CPU-only servers. The presence of both types of servers enables Creavite to tightly integrate their workflows.


We democratize access to expensive HPC hardware.

Our goal is enable you — whether you are a sole developer, funded startup, or enterprise — to compute groundbreaking innovations easier at industry-leading prices. Read more.

Industry-leading security and reliability practices; tier 3/4 data centers; US-based, background checked support. Read more.

10+ API


1,000+ GPUs

In Stock

65,000+ GPUs


Frequenty Asked Questions


What makes TensorDock different?

We source our servers from a variety of hosts. By aggregating supply from multiple cloud providers, suppliers are incentivized to offer the best prices. We pass these savings on to you.


Free Trial

Try us out for free! If you deposit $5 and run into any technical issues preventing you from using our service, we'll refund the full $5. KYC required to prevent abuse.


Where are TensorDock servers located?

TensorDock sources GPUs from a variety of suppliers around the world, including top tier data centers with redundant power, cooling, and networking. Just look for the "Data Center" badge when deploying.


What is the virtualization?

We use KVM QEMU virtualization. This means that you can run either Windows or Linux workloads. This ensures privacy and security. Read more.


World-class enterprise support

Delivered by dedicated professionals

Deploy your first TensorDock server.

The industry's most cost-effective GPU cloud

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