At TensorDock, we democratize access to infrastructure.

We're building the next decentralized cloud

We connect customers to the best available compute, whether it's our own cutting-edge hardware colocated at secure data centers or converted mining rigs hosted by mining farms.

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By commoditizing the cloud, suppliers compete for customers, delivering infrastructure at prices 80% cheaper than incumbents.

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We are building the easiest cloud GPU platform for developers.

It's hard and expensive to deploy GPUs. We're building a new cloud platform for developers by developers with a focus on making high-performance computing infrastructure easy. We're here to create the better cloud that we couldn't create before. Read more.



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Our History

January 2021

TensorDock is born with the registration of the domain, with one goal: make cloud GPUs easier and cheaper.

December 2021

We finish the first version of our dashboard and launch. We onboard our first alpha testers. 3 friends.

February 2022

Our business model shifts as we begin to partner with other clouds to handle growing demand.

March 2022

We launch CPU-only instances and start offering subscriptions. Singapore arrives. Our team grows to 6.

July 2022

We begin blogging. Subscriptions begin, and we plan the marketplace. Our summer team grows to 18.

September 2022

The marketplace launches with a dozen hosts across four continents. We continue to develop more features.

March 2023

We raise a pre-seed round led by Haystack with participation from Greylock and angels. Marketplace grows 30%.

Northeast Headquarters.
Passionate, smart team.
Culture of

We're a passionate, tight-knit team based in the suburbs of Boston.


Team Members


We're run by a competent, high-caliber team. Read more.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.


Ex-Head of Engineering at FluidStack.

Harvard University.

Eric S.

Eric S.

Support & Operations Lead

Ex-Full Stack Developer at FluidStack.

Northeastern University.

Ryan S.

Ryan S.

Sales & Accounts Executive

Mark. H

Mark H.

Sales Manager, APAC

Suryaa R.

Suryaa R.

Software Engineer

Ex-SWE at Fidelity Investments.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rajat B.

Rajat B.

Software Engineer

University of Maryland.

Rajat B.

Simon B.

Product Lead

Carnegie Mellon University

Rajat B.

Mihir N.

Software Engineer

UMass Amherst

Rajat B.

Charlie D.

Software Engineer

Brown University


Interested in building the cloud of tomorrow?

No full-time experience? No problem. If you're smart, passionate and hard-working, that's enough for us — even if you're fresh out of college. Summer internships for students also available.

We are TensorDock.

At TensorDock, we understand that for many startups, the largest cost apart from labor is infrastructure. Infrastructure costs inhibit growth and prevent startups from scaling the next world-changing solution.

We are a team of builders, thinkers, and doers who are united by a common goal: to enable the builders of tomorrow to build. We are funded by a few angel investors at a 7-figure valuation, though virtually all of our growth comes organically from reinvesting our profits. We are a lean, stable company with a strong balance sheet, zero debt, and infinite runway.

TensorDock is profitable and growing — fast!

We're a small team, but we work hard, have fun, and move fast. We're looking to hire innate leaders who spearhead new products and strategies. We support entrepreneurial thinking and encourage our team to optimize products and processes to maximize value. Each job listed below is full-time and requires a college education or equivalent (other startup work is fine). In addition to the cash amount, by joining such a small team, you'll receive generous vested equity in the company as well as a portion of our profits: we burn the midnight oil together to succeed together.

For an engineer, this is the opportunity to do what you couldn't do at your previous company: launch a product, manage hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of servers, and learn from the best.

For a salesperson, this is the opportunity to build a team and pipeline from and strengthen your tech network — all with generous commissions.

Need help?

Not sure exactly what we’re looking for or just want clarification? We’d be happy to chat with you and clear things up for you. Anytime!

Email us

Don't see a job for you?

Do you feel like you belong working with TensorDock, but we just don’t have your dream job posted? No problem, just reach out.

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Institutional Investors

We're proud to be backed by the original investors of DoorDash, Instacart, Airbnb, Discord, and Figma, among others.


TensorDock is partnered with the best. Click below to learn more about our partners.

Secure Data Centers

We will never cheap out on our data centers. When you run on TensorDock, you can rest well knowing that your server is located in a secure data center with numerous certifications that will never lose power and that everything is protected by N+1 redundancy. Here are two of our most popular data centers. Read about our other data centers here.

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