Democratizing HPC Infrastructure.

We are here to simply infrastructure for machine learning, rendering, and cloud gaming.

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We are building the easiest GPU platform for developers.

We believe that over $100m is spent annually on cloud GPUs alone. Yet, it's hard and expensive to deploy GPUs. We're building a new cloud platform, for developers by developers, with a focus on making it easy to deploy GPUs. We're run by industry veterans, here to create the better cloud that we couldn't create before.

We are a subsidiary of Dash Cloud, a specialized cloud operator with hundreds of servers spread across 2 of its own data centers in the Northeast US with additional servers colocated at other data centers. We also have access to over 5 fleets — 5,000 graphics cards — through partnerships with other cloud providers for demand surges.

We're a good company. We sponsor infrastructure for open source projects, provide discounts for services that we share core values with, and host TOR exit nodes.

We like transparency, so to be upfront, here's our master plan:

  1. Sell cloud GPUs
  2. Use economies of scale to reduce per-unit costs
  3. Use profits from selling cloud GPUs to improve our AI/ML infrastructure platform
  4. Expand into conventional cloud markets (e.g. S3-compatible storage)



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Our History

December 2020

Dash Cloud decides to build a cloud GPU service that simplifies HPC computing for developers.

January 2021

TensorDock is born with the registration of the domain, and two developers start working on the company.

February 2021

We land our first customer — a Canadian reselling servers to friends on Discord on a per-day basis

June 2021

TensorDock becomes a serious company. Legally, we change from a partnership to a Wyoming Series LLC.

August 2021

We launch a new dashboard and onboard many new customers as a B2B alternative cloud.

December 2021

We expand to more than 100 servers and go B2C with the launch of our easy-to-use developer-focused console.

Connecticut Headquarters.
Global remote team.
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Our core team is based in the quaint New England town of Hamden, Connecticut, but we also have a network of experienced remote employees who are empowered to take initiative.


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Team Members

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Secure Data Centers

We will never cheap out on our data centers. When you run on TensorDock, you can rest well, knowing that your server is located in a secure data center with numerous certifications that will never lose power and that everything is protected by N+1 redundancy.